Personal Tailored Training
Using the Latest Technologies

Lesson Discount Packages

  • 6 hours
  • ฿16,200
    (2,700 per lesson)
  • 12 hours
  • ฿31,200
    (2,600 per lesson)
  • 25 hours
  • ฿62,500
    (2,500 per lesson)
  • 50 hours
  • ฿115,000
    (2.300 per lesson)

Monitoring Training Data

Phil’s systematic approach to his teaching has been built up over 27 years experience where he checks :

Ball flight and sound (compression)
Moving on to checking set-up fundamentals, movement of mass, arm swing and then wrist action.
Monitoring ball data such as launch angle, back spin and descent angle.
Analysing club data – angle of attack, smash factor, path and face to path, strike location on club face and lie angle of club.

Behind the data

Apart from biomechanics a thorough look should be taken at mobility, stability and balance issues of the player. Any deficiencies will be addressed and a plan made to fix them through simple exercises, leaning on the works of golf fitness expert Mark Verstegen.

Lessons are supported by tech experts Foresight Sports and Swing Catalyst. The award winning GC Quad from Foresight Sports is the only launch monitor in the world that captures the clubface before, during and after impact. Capturing over 2000 frames per shot from different camera angles!

Due to this there’s no guesswork as to what actually occurs, resulting in accuracy no other launch monitor can match. The simulator software FSX is also provided by Foresight Sports, utilising amazing graphics with practice, play, entertainment and game features.

Swing Catalyst
integrating high speed cameras for detailed analysis

golf swing practice

Let’s create a great swing

Swings are captured by the market leading swing analysis software from Swing Catalyst integrating high speed cameras for detailed analysis and inspection. With the click of a button before and after swings can be compared side by side to validate progress. Ground force and importance of correct pressure usage has become massive in the last 10 years.

Phil records and analyses this using the only 3D force plate in Bangkok. This Swing Catalyst plate utilises over 2,000 pressure sensors to give a complete picture about the golfers pressure patterns. Phil is one of few instructors in Asia with a Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certificate.

On Course

Only on the golf course can a teacher learn the true patterns of the golfer, including course management so an on course session should take place early within the lesson package.

Lessons without any on course insight is not a wise investment.

These hours can be taken from the package already bought. 9 and 18 holes lessons are available.